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Welcome to Alycia Debnam-Carey Network!, an in-dept fansite for actress Alycia Debnam-Carey who is most known for her roles on the CW'S The 100, AMC'S Fear The Walking Dead as well as movies such as Friend Request and more recently A Violent Separation. You can find thousands of photos, information on Alycia and her career projects, the lastest news, free graphics and so much more!
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  • March 08, 2021  Steph No comments Graphics

    External Photo Links:
    The 100 > Season 2 > On Set
    Music Videos > She’s like A Comet > Screencaps & Behind The Scenes
    Public Appearances > 2017 > ATX Festival – Fear The Walking Dead

    February 19, 2021  Steph No comments Fear The Walking Dead

    AMC announced that Season 6 of Fear The Walking Dead will return on April 11th

    February 03, 2021  Steph No comments News, Photo Gallery

    Everybody has a story about beauty. In Rose Inc.’s The Profile, some of the world’s most intriguing people share theirs. In this intimate interview series, we get (virtually) up close and personal to explore their definitions of beauty, path to self-confidence, and the power of femininity. Featuring imagery shot through their own lens, The Profile presents these compelling personalities in a new light—one that illuminates their own journey, dreams, and desires while highlighting their unique relationship with beauty.
    No one knew exactly how to process the chaos felt globally in 2020, but for actress Alycia Debnam-Carey (who you might know from Fear the Walking Dead or The 100) returning home to her native Australia has finally offered some respite from the enduring uncertainty. “Having some distance from L.A., I’ve been able to see how pervasive and underlying the daily stress and anxiety is,” she says. “There’s so much we go through and accept as normal…it has shown me that I want to refocus on what self-care really means to me.”

    Her particular pathway to peace includes a holistic, body-mind-beauty approach, which includes oceanic swims and journaling—and dedicated time to bring the fun back to beauty products. “I do love talking about beauty products with people and riffling through other people’s beauty bags,” she says. “It’s so fun to see what other people have.” Ahead, Debnam-Carey lets us mine her own beauty bag and creative brain for her path to a more mindful 2021.

    What does self-care mean to you right now?

    Self-care is a really interesting one because you think, ‘I’m going to take a bubble bath. I’m going to put a face mask on and then watch a show’, but I think in this last year, having been in lockdown, it’s shown me that there are really no amounts of bubble bath and masks and sitting in front of the TV binge watching Netflix that’s going to help me calm down and relax. We’re all suddenly forced to keep doing versions of that, and for me, true self-care really had to come from a mental, emotional, wellbeing space, which is hard.

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    January 27, 2021  Steph No comments Fear The Walking Dead, Graphics

    I made 19 icons 150×150 from Fear The Walking Dead.

    Icon Link
    Fear The Walking Dead Icons

    January 09, 2021  Steph No comments Media, News

    Alycia took over the Lovephilosophy Instagram and answered some fan questions.

    November 29, 2020  Steph No comments Fear The Walking Dead, Photo Gallery

    Apologizes this update is so late, this past week we celebrated Thanksgiving in the United States and I work in retail so it was very busy for me. If you celebrated I hope you had a wonderful day and also hopefully you did it in a safe way. Now on to the updates:)

    External Photo Links:
    Fear The Walking Dead > Season 6 > episode 7 ‘damage from the inside’ screencaps
    Fear The Walking Dead > Season 6 > episode 7 ‘damage from the inside’ stills

    November 20, 2020  Steph No comments Fear The Walking Dead, Photo Gallery

    Credit belongs to Far,Far Away Site.

    External Photo Links:

    Fear The Walking Dead > Season 6 > episode 7 ‘damage from the inside’ stills

    October 26, 2020  Steph No comments Photo Gallery

    Alycia was not in last nights new episode of Fear The Walking Dead so today I have a small gallery update.

    External Photo Links:

    Fear The Walking Dead > Season 4 > Promos
    Fear The Walking Dead > Season 4 > Episode 15 ‘I lose people…’ Stills
    Movie Productions > A Violent Separation > Stills
    Misc > Social Media > Fear The Walking Dead Instagram

    I apologize these are so late, I had intended to get them uploaded on Monday but I had to upgrade my hosting for more space and it took a bit of time. I do plan on getting screencaps from Fear episodes uploaded on Mondays due to my job. Also updated the episode stills from this episode credit to Far,Far Away

    External Photo Links:

    Fear The Walking Dead > Season 6 > Episode 2 ‘Welcome to the Club’ Screencaps
    Fear The Walking Dead > Season 6 > Episode 2 ‘Welcome to the Club’ Stills

    I added HQ stills to the gallery with credit to Far,Far Away Site and here is the preview from Sunday’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead.

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