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    Fear The Walking Dead: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Alicia


    There’s never a boring moment with Fear The Walking Dead protagonist Alicia Clark. As the only surviving member of her family, Alicia has show demonstrated plenty of resilience and bravery in a world full of zombies. She took over as the main protagonist after the death of her mother Madison Clark in the fourth season.

    The character was created by writers Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson. She made several appearances in The Walking Dead comics before finally appearing on TV. Kirkman also serves as an executive producer on Fear The Walking Dead. Here are a couple of details fans didn’t know about Alicia Clark.

    10.Signature Weapon
    Alicia’s signature weapon is a Balisong (butterfly knife). She acquired it from Jack Kipling. She was first seen using it in Season 2’s tenth episode titled “Do Not Disturb.”

    However, she has been in possession of the Balisong since the fifth episode of Season 2 titled “Captive.” She stole it from Jack while he is showing her the radar for the first time. And in the Season 4 episode titled “Buried,” Alicia stumbled upon a machine gun and she’s been using it often ever since.

    9.She’s Quite The Survivor
    In a show where characters are quite expendable, Alicia has stood out as a survivor. Her parents and siblings all died and so did her two ex-boyfriends. Alicia has also lost her grandparents, making her the last known surviving member of her family.

    As of the moment, she holds the record as the longest-living character in Fear The Walking Dead. She is one of three Season One characters that are still alive, the others being the former soldier Daniel and the former conman Victor Strand. Hopefully, she won’t be killed off anytime soon.

    Alicia is roughly 20-years-old at the moment, given that she was 19 in the fifth season. In the Season One finale titled “The Good Man,” her birthday was revealed to be July 10th.
    In that same episode, there was a goof concerning her age. Her 12th birthday had been listed as having taken place back in 2007. This was incorrect since it would have made her 15 at the time. During the revelation about her birthday in the episode, she was said to have turned 17.

    7.Number Of Jobs She Has Had
    Alicia has had a number of jobs and responsibilities throughout the series run. Given the numerous events that have taken place, it might be easy to forget some of them. First, he served as a Volunteer Nurse during the Pre-Apocalypse. She also served as the De-Facto Co-Leader of the Broke Jaw Ranch community.

    Alicia also had a job as a personal nurse for Proctor John in the Post-Apocalypse. She was also the Deputy Leader of the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium community as well as Second-in-Command of Morgan’s Group.

    6.Her Name Was Changed A Couple Of Times
    The casting call for the popular protagonist initially listed her name as Ashley Tompkins. She was described using the following words: “Nancy’s mostly level-headed teenage daughter. Her ambition is in direct proportion to her older brother’s failures. She loves her mom but it’s time to get out of Dodge.”

    However, in an AMC press release before the start of the series, the character’s name was listed as Alicia Bennett. Her surname was later changed to Alicia Clark.

    5.Vulture Slayer
    The Vultures are a group of hostile and opportunistic Apocalypse survivors that were introduced in the fourth season. Led by Melvin, they were the primary villains during the first half of that season. Not much was known about them prior to when the Apocalypse began.
    The Vultures were difficult to deal with but Alicia managed to kill the most members of the Vultures. She killed Melvin by blowing up the Vultures’ ambulance using a grenade launcher. She killed a zombified Edgar too in the aftermath of the firefight by slicing him in the face. Lastly, she killed a zombified Ennis by bashing his head.

    4.She Has Never Killed Anyone From The Otto Family
    The Otto Family was part of a Survivalist Organization. They lived at Broke Jaw Ranch in southern California as they prepared for social collapse. They often disagreed with the Clarks.

    Alicia is the only person in her family to never kill a member of the Otto family. Former Broke Jaw Ranch leader Jeremiah Otto was shot in the head by Nick Clark, while Otto Jr. was killed by Nick Clark. Troy Otto was killed by Madison Clark after he revealed that he led the horde to the Broke Jaw Ranch.

    3.The Walkers
    In the many seasons of The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead, the zombies have had many names including the undead, the biters, the dead, and the infected. In Fear the Walking Dead, they were initially referred to as The Infected but when Morgan arrived, he boldly stated: “Where I’m from we call them Walkers.”

    The name has stuck ever since. Killing the Walkers has also become somewhat of an unpleasant hobby. Alicia happens to be the last member of the original group to take the life of a walker.

    Alicia has been portrayed by actress Alycia Debnam-Carey since the first season. Alycia was born and raised in Australia. And while the character she portrays is around 20-years-old, Alycia is 27. Her other notable role is that of Commander Lexa on CW’s sci-fi television series The 100.
    She’s been an actress since she was 8-years-old but it wasn’t until she was 18 that she moved to America. Her mother, Leone Carey, is a TV screenwriter writer. An unnamed child actor also portrayed a younger version of Alicia briefly.

    1.She Is The Fan Favorite Character
    Alicia is the clear fan-favorite character in Fear The Walking Dead. Online research shows that she is the character with the most fan art out of all characters in the series. She is also the most discussed in forums.

    Other characters that are almost as popular as Alicia are Madison Clark, the protagonist in the first to fourth seasons, and the recovering heroin addict Nicholas “Nick” Clark. The reception for Season 5 introduce and Saviors lieutenant Dwight has been fairly good as well.

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