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    “The 100” Series Finale Featured The Return Of A Beloved Character, And Everyone Is Super Emotional


    Whelp, after seven seasons, The 100 finally came to an end this week.

    And even after all this time, one of the things the series will most likely be remembered for is Clarke and Lexa’s relationship, and ultimately the terrible and unnecessary way that Lexa was killed.

    To this day, Lexa’s death constantly comes up when we talk about horrible TV character deaths and characters who deserved better.

    Well, in the series finale, The 100 shockingly brought back Alycia Debnam-Carey as Lexa to help close out Clarke’s story, and I’ve never been so surprised in my life.

    TBH, the final season’s storyline was all over the place, but basically, Clarke was given the opportunity to pass a test and achieve “transcendence” and save humanity.

    So when Clarke was given the opportunity, the judge took the form of Lexa — aka the person Clarke loved the most — and it was simply beautiful.

    Ultimately, Clarke failed the test and was unable to transcend, but her friends, like Murphy, Raven, and Octavia, were able to.

    I mean, I truly never thought I would see Alycia in Lexa’s makeup and clothing again.

    Eventually the episode ended with Clarke and “Lexa” sharing a final moment on a beach, where “Lexa” informed Clarke that even though her friends had transcended without her, they elected to stay with her.

    Obviously, “Lexa” coming back for these final moments in no ways erases her unnecessary death and everything that came with it, but it was great to see a version of the character one last time.

    After the episode aired, Alycia took to Instagram to express how grateful she was to play this iconic character that means so much to so many people:

    And Eliza Taylor, aka Clarke, thanked Alycia for returning one last time and said it felt like “no time had passed”:

    Basically, everyone who loved Lexa, like me, just couldn’t contain their emotions over these monumental final moments.

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