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Hey guys just wanted to post a quick note here, I know updates have been lacking pretty bad and I apologize greatly for that. I’m hoping to add a bunch of new content to our site in the coming days. One of the things I’m currently working on is getting better screencaps from previous seasons of Fear The Walking Dead and I’m also going to work on the career and press archives. Please continue to check back for updates 🙂

New Theme!

We have a beautiful new look here thanks to a premade theme by Sin21 and a header designed by Headersonline. I hope you all love the new look as much as I do 🙂


I am sorry about the lack of updates, I’m going to try to get some updates in this week.

Welcome to Alycia Debnam-Carey Network!

I’m very exited to be be re-launching my Alycia fansite! It’s still a work in progress but currently you can find over 22,000 photos in the gallery,over 100+ icons in the icon archive,our news and career archives are still being worked on,you can also find information about Alycia.

The beautiful header was designed by HeadersOnline and the theme was designed by Sin21.

I’m also looking for affiliates so if anyone would like to apply please fill out the form on this page.